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I’m Georgie, welcome to my website. What started out as ‘a bit of fun,’ writing about wine and recording my exploits on an old WordPress site back in 2017 has since turned into my full-time occupation. The more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn I am fully enraptured in this intoxicating world of hedonism. Having worked in hospitality over the years alongside my Marketing career, I have witnessed the pure panic when you press people for an order beyond ‘a glass of white please.’ I could never understand why it seemed to offend people asking them what they wanted and then it struck me, people don’t know what they want because they don’t know what they like. This is my goal, to help people figure out what they like, love even, so that the next time an over-eager bartender shows them a chalk board of greats, they can be brave enough to look it directly in the eye and choose something they at least should enjoy.  Never try, never know. I now aim to educate, entertain and inspire. Alongside Wining away the Weekend, I help private clients develop a personality through their presence on social media.

When I’m not wining away the day, you will find me in the countryside in Rutland with my two dogs, Chunky and Olive. We are lucky enough to be based on a farm where I hope to get vines in the ground in the next few years, watch this space...

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Georgie spreads her love of wine to a growing following of 39,000+ on Instagram. This is a space to educate, inform and inspire. There are regular wine and spirit recommendations alongside digestible information about tipples, travel, the countryside and gastronomic experiences.

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Libation Correspondent

Libation Correspondent

The Rake

With a growing following of 500,000 on social media and a readership of 106,000 the ever-growing reach of The Rake is hugely exciting. I am proud to be working with them as their libation correspondent across both editorial and digital projects.

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